Terms & Conditions 

HWNOW.CO applies the terms and conditions for both tutors and students who become the members of the website. This is to extend an understanding how we deal with the management of our users and the use of this platform for their relevant purpose. The individuals reserve all the rights not to join the services in case of disagreement with the terms and conditions; however after joining; the members will be bound to abide by the terms and conditions. This document does not imply any legal obligations or rights for the members; this is not a contract however using the services will be considered as the showing agreement to all the terms and conditions. 

General terms 

These terms and conditions apply for appropriate usage of the website s service provider for both students and tutors. The service will make sure to: 

1. Create linkages, resulting into contractual arrangement among students and tutors for tutoring lessons through the Site 

2. Use of Site in any other manner, related to the same purpose 

3. Acknowledge agreement with these Terms. 

4. If you do not agree to these Terms, do not use the Site. 

Anything against the terms and conditions of the website will be taken as a conflict and will be decided according to the discretion of site management. By agreeing the terms and conditions of the website, you agree to the following points. 

Registration process 

The Tutors

The tutors will become a registered member as a tutor at the website and fill in the basic information form to request entry to the database and after verification of the account. However they will ONLY be able to be hired as a tutor after submitting their academic profile information. After the authentication process ONLY, the platform can be used to be hired for services. 

The student The student may register with the basic information according to the requirement. The the demand for services will be submitted through a demand form carrying subject requirements and academic level for the tuition required. The students will not be bound with a single tutor for multiple subjects; they can hire services of a subject matter specialist for each of the required subject. 

Services The Site offers a linkage opportunity for those seeking homework help services to connect with those who are looking for these kinds of services. As independent service providers hired by Students, Tutors have all the rights to control the methods, materials and all aspects of the lessons; however quality assessment will be the liability of the site. 

Information sharing with the site The information form submission at the time of joining is a volunteer act; however the information will remain confidential and go to our database and is not shared with anyone outside the system. For students and parents, the service has the rights request information related to the documentation for the payment made for hiring the services; tutoring quarries related to home assignments or your academic requirements; teacher feedback of a student etc. all of such info will be managed as internal communication and will not be shared with anyone. 

The information gathering for collecting academic profile of the member is intended for categorization according to the discipline; this is to help us connecting the right people according to

need, the users are liable to provide such information. The service may also ask to upload written samples of essays or lessons; the tutors are liable to submit their academic record in order to verify their credentials. All of these documents are the property of the user but ONLY used for the described purpose. The profile of each member is confidential and can only be visible to members of the service; however, the personal information, such as personal email address, phone No. National ID No. and address will not be accessible by other members UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 

Violation report Violation of the terms and conditions may be reported through any sources; which may include but not limited to the reports by internal members, such as report by the tutors after providing services to the students, or vice versa. Third party reports may also be accepted for further investigation. The administration reserves the rights to take action after internal investigation; proof of such violations may lead to termination of the membership. 

Legal obligations The service may provide any sort of personal, tutoring or transaction related information; stated above, ONLY in case of some kind of any legal requirement. The information may ONLY be shared with the authorities in case of the legal order from the competent authority. The subject matter solely depends upon the nature of individual case, and may be decided on discretion of the management. 

Changes in the terms and conditions 

HWNOW.CO reserves rights to change the terms and conditions at any time without any notice. However members’ feedback and suggestions are always welcomed. Please write to purusmundus@gmail.com. Any revised version of the document will be shared on the website to update users’ knowledge about the services 

Privacy policy 

What information do we collect? We collect as little information as possible in order to register students, provide newsletters,, facilitate safe secure payments on our site, or when students need to contact us. We typically collect your name, your country of location, email address, reason for contact. 

What do we use your information for? We never sell or share your information with anyone outside of the HWNOW.CO website. We use your information to improve our service to you, to send emails, respond to inquiries & provide customer service and support as requested or needed. 

Do we disclose information to 3rd parties? We never give, sell, trade or transfer any of your information to any 3rd parties outside of HWNOW.CO for things like advertising, marketing or research purposes. The only people who see your information are those who work inside of HWNOW.CO such as teachers, managers, consultants and website maintainers, all of which are trusted inside of HWNOW.CO. The only reason such people would see your information is to provide service to you as you request.